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Our goal to make Pattern Energy the best place to work in the industry starts with safety. We are committed to making sure everyone can do their job safely, and we seek to lead the renewable energy industry in safety performance.

Our strong safety track record is supported by ongoing training, and our governing structure calls for weekly safety reports from across the enterprise to be evaluated during meetings with executive leadership and the Board of Directors. Safety is the first agenda topic at every meeting of our Board of Directors.

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Pattern for Safety

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Management Approach

Safety is woven into the fabric of our organization at all levels of Pattern Energy, including our senior management, CEO, and Board of Directors. Our commitment to health and safety begins with performance metrics that have a target of zero accidents or injuries, and the robust set of safety practices we’ve implemented across our operational facilities are designed to achieve this goal.

Employees have the right to use their “stop work” authority to halt activity if they perceive a hazard or have a safety concern, providing an opportunity to assess and resolve the situation. We promote safety awareness with monthly safety briefs that are broadcast via our internal employee e-newsletter and published in a printable format for distribution to our field crews and offices.

Pattern Energy aims to improve the safety performance of our field contractors by implementing management cross audits and a review of our contractor programs and processes in 2019.

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Health & Safety Practices

  • Adhere to the Statement of Health & Safety Values that outlines our commitments to protect employees no matter how urgent a task is.
  • Implement our Safety Management System, which provides a programmatic approach to meeting our commitments.
  • Treat all applicable health and safety laws and regulations as our minimum standard.
  • Maintain robust Job Safety and Environmental Analysis Procedures as a component of a larger management system overseen by our Operations Department, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) team, and Facility Managers.
  • Implement regular internal risk assessments led by our EH&S team, while engaging our employees and contractors in identifying potential hazards.
  • Promote a safety-awareness campaign, which empowers employees to hold each other accountable to safety standards and practices, facilitates employee ownership of the initiative, and elevates the culture of safety throughout the organization.
  • Operate our facilities in a way that uses risk mitigation techniques to create a safe work environment for all employees and contractors.
  • Provide formal training to all field operations personnel, and briefings for contractors and visitors to our site facilities, regarding the hazards to which they may be exposed.
  • Monitor, report, and continuously improve overall safety performance.


2018 Performance Metrics





Total Recordable Injuries 1 0 1
Total Recordable Injury Rate .79 0 .79
Lost Time Cases 1 0 1
Lost Time Incident Rate .79 0 .79
Occupational Disease Rate 0 0 0
Work-Related Fatalities 0 0 0


The metrics in the table relate to Pattern Energy operations field employees. Workhours for field employees in 2018 totaled 263,000, an increase of 73% compared to 2017. There were 5 Recordable Injuries for Pattern Energy operations field contractors, resulting in a combined field staff and field contractors TRI of 6 and TRIR of 1.8.


Creating a Culture of Safety

Successful self-performance depends on hiring great people, giving them the right training and support, and empowering them to do great things. In support of our goal to lead the renewable energy industry in safety performance, we hire experienced staff and provide ample opportunity to hone their skills. 

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Safety and Project Construction 

During construction activities, we take steps to preserve not only the safety but also the comfort of area residents during the construction process. 

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